In Memory of
Stan Bist
Founding Father
of the
Michigan Fiero Club
Oh no! I'm going to really miss our Number 1 Fiero fan.
So sad, he will be missed by all of us!!
Stan, we will miss you so much, you always had a funny
joke or interesting story to tell. You touched so many
people in so many ways, your service to our country was
deeply appreciated and we will always treasure your
On behalf of Sellers Buick-GMC and myself, we're sorry to
hear of Stan's passing. We'll miss seeing him at the show
this year. Our sympathies go out to the Stan Bist family.
What a great loss for the Fiero community.
I joined MFC shortly after Stan took the leadership to get
the org. going.  I have never yet met a better person and
he had the enthusiasm and personality that contributed
greatly to founding the MFC.  
I remembered him and the MFC when I did the Woodward
Cruise on the Thursday evening before the main event on
Saturday.  I did not happen to see another Fiero while I
was out there but I was proud to represent the Fiero brand
and our MFC.
Stan came to me in a dream I had Saturday night, had a
strange feeling about it since I hadn't had a dream with
Stan in it before. His wonderful spirit touching bases with
his people on his way to Heaven. I will miss You old buddy
and those great friendly talks we had at the shows. GOD
bless you Stan and thanks for all you did for us.
My wife, was on line & noticed Stan's obituary & asked
me if this could be the Stan Bist I met at the Sellers fall
car show. As I read the obituary I learned it was Stan. I
want Stan's family to know Stan was my mentor at my
first Sellers car show a long time ago. We became
instant friends. You were blessed to have Stan in your
family & so was I to meet Stan & call him my friend.
Every Christmas we exchanged cards--I will miss that,
But will always remember our friendship. There aren't
enough Stans in our society today.
Stan was the Michigan Fiero Club. With the help of his
friends, he built the Club into a Fiero Club, that other
clubs look up to, and world wide. His absents , I think
has weaken the Club. His Passing, now leaves a hole in
the Club, That can never be filled.
I am going to miss him and Was the best leader that the
Fiero club ever had
Stan was an awesome person and won't be forgotten
Loving Thoughts of Stan
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Stan was FIERO  his energy promoting fiero was next to
none.  Always made time to have a conversation at shows,
cruises.  I joined Michigan Fiero Club in “1994”  Worked
with Stan at various shows.  I agree with Bill, Stan never
won the spark plug award as he was the PRES for seven
years but was the Michigan Fiero Club spark plug!  He will
not be forgotton.